Most Probably Very Dangerous

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Most Probably Very Dangerous by aled on Threadless
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aled profile pic Artist

This design is my second submission to this competition and a continuation of the theme from my first. Here is what I proposed:

What I had in mind for a trend for Threadless was a reimagining of old images in the public domain. There is a wealth of fascinating, obscure and downright awesome images from days long gone that would make sweet tee designs and I think it’s something that everyone can do. It doesn’t require any special equipment or skill – just the ability to identify the potential in images that exist in the public domain and be creative with them.

Far from ripping-off the original works, I feel it's a way of paying homage to these works and their artists. The way I see it; if people are reusing and getting inspired from my work in 100 years, I would have done something right.


ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

nice work!!!!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Yes please

sonmi profile pic Alumni

excellent! i think this is a little more obvious interpretation of your intention than your last design.

bengineer profile pic Alumni


ndstillie profile pic Alumni

Love wood type..but would love it on cream....cant wear that!

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni



Looking $weet!

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

The shirt looks awesome as I've already stated in your blogs :)

jublin profile pic Alumni

"Threadless could do this in house without paying outside artists for it"

a lot of very talented people work at threadless. If they wanted they could design all of the shirts in house, but that's not really the point of the site now is it?

love this one fathh! looks great on gold and definitely something i would wear.

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

I like the style of this, very unusual in tshirts, but its something different and can cause a new trend. GOOD LUCK!!

soloyo profile pic Alumni




but still 5$

joaolauro profile pic Alumni

I love this kind of shirt. Also think Threadless needs more shirts with texts (not necessarily slogans).

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Really cool!!!


Most probably very cool.

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

yes, please! great stuff!!

cameron kim jones

Good. Not quite hitting it bbut I like it and it is original.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

great! 5$

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

looks like a kid i knew in 7th grade... he bit me. i didn't like him very much.

i like this shirt tho!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I'd wear the shit out of this

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

is that a manticore?

Great job boss!


wow this its so great!!

ndikol profile pic Alumni


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This design is most probably very awesome.

A much simpler and more refined version of your first attempt at this new trend, good stuffs here.


I love your idea and the execution of this design is absolutely great!

aled profile pic Artist

Hah! I assume from your tone that you're accusing me of copying that. I'm really not surprised someone else has used the manicore - it was pretty much one of the sweetest public domain images I found and the person who did that tee obviously felt the same way. It's from the website of an Aussie guy who scans old books and catalogues public domain images for people to use. I might argue that I've been more imaginative with it though and that was the thrust of my idea when I was imagining a trend - instead of just putting a band name next to it.

Although I'm a bit gutted that someone has already used the manicore, I am cheered that other people are out there bringing forgotten images to tee design! And I don't think that the fact it has already been used should preclude Threadless or someone else from printing my interpretation. Because of the nature of public domain image use - it becomes more about the manner in which the image is used - rather than the image itself. Indeed - if my design was printed - the design and arrangement and 'concept' could be copyrighted, but anyone would be free to use the image of the manicore. Such is the nature of the public domain beast.

olie! profile pic Alumni

you are one of the most talented illustrators I know fatheed, but with all due respect I don't see how this is much more imaginative than Chris23's example.


With all that being said, I found the original book, this is from, and there is quite the selection of interesting creatures that would make sweet tee designs, but I think everyone would agree that drawing an original one based on those would be much better than this.

aled profile pic Artist

Thanks, Sam. The surrounding text gives it completely new context compared to just the image on it's own. The type itself and layout is an homage to the circus and show posters of the 1800's. Humour is subjective and if the idea of someone putting up posters in search of a dangerous, awesome creature doesn't amuse you, then you probably won't like what I've done.

aled profile pic Artist

Haha - yeah there is a bunch of illustrated creatures in that book but this one is the best by a country mile. It has a person's face! Redrawing my own creature would completely miss the point of using public domain imagery. :)

Congolia Breckenridge

I like what you're suggesting, but if you do use public domain images you really ought to take them a step further than their original intent to make the idea artistically justifiable. As it stands, you could have done a lot more with the image. It's a little amusing, but otherwise totally reliant on the fact that it's borrowed.


reallllly nice! :)


hehe, awesome


I think this is awesome, would definitely wear it. $5


This is superb, a big $5 from me!

NGee profile pic Alumni

All-around goodness.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Let me start off by saying that I DIG this BIG TIME! I think recycling public domain images can make for awesome tees. However, this concept is by no means a new trend.

Natalie Dee, mastermind behind Married To The Sea, has a daily strip based on this concept and has also produced some tees as well.

Additionally, I've had a go with this idea back in my early Threadless days - The Elysian Waltz, A Bicycle Built for Doom and Seeking Wisdom.

I don't mean to poop in anybody's hat. I just wanted to speak my peace.

P.S. $5!

aled profile pic Artist

Haha - thanks LBB! I completely accept what you're saying and I've always conceded that what I'm doing is nothing new. I do, however, not agree that it has ever been a popular trend here. There are examples of people using public domain imagery on Threadless in the past but there has never been a plural acceptance of it and the score for my first submission (despite some criticism and disapproval) demonstrates (in my opinion) that there is now more of an appetite for this kind of design on a tee. To my mind, this challenge is not about inventing a new style or theme but popularising one.

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

This contest has led to some awesome ideas and discussion.
This Tshirt is a great idea, and a trend that i could see becoming popular. There is quite a difference from using vector packs (also copyright free) to this idea of creatively re-imagining the context of the illustrations.

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

that is definitely an awesome creature! really turned out great!


man i want this so baaaaad

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