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Moshmallows by spencer fruhling on Threadless
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I'm normally not wild about word bubbles, but that woohoo cracked me up. Their facial expressions are great, too.


Wow. As a mosh pit and stage dive participant I would just have to buy this and wear it at the next Zao show.


so cute. so cute. so cute!
especially that woo-hoo guy! ^^

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

Aw. I thought I had made up "Moshmallows."


haha I would definitly buy and wear this shirt


this shirt rocks box, I love it! Very expressive and made me laugh more than I probably should have.

Nina Elizabeth

That's awesome. And even if it's not recognizable as a moshpit, it's amusing enough to work.

Mwhahaha. Yeah, I'd buy this and wear it to shows. Because I'm a nerd. $5.

slender fungus

too bad awesome designs like this never win or you would be $1000 richer...

but then i would also be $15 poor-er.


I would so wear this shirt and it would be a crime against both marshmallows and the Threadless community if it didn't win.

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

They're not actually supposed to be marshmallows. I just came up with that title after I had designed it.


love their expressions! great job with the simplicity. 4 and $. Burgundy!

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