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Mortal Kombat!!

Design by DannE-B

Mortal Kombat!! by DannE-B on Threadless
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DannE-B profile pic Artist

Having a bit of fun with an old game, I was listening to the Mortal Kombat theme non stop during this one.

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

You sir, are a GENIUS! AEhahahah Hilarious!!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

nice work, wish the guy with the shirt on his head was a bit diff aside from flipped and the color but Im sure its an easy change if it wins ;)


I enjoyed the t-shirt ninjas looking the same aside from color, because we all -know- those Mortal Kombat ninjas were the same, except for their color. Longest sentence ever.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Haha. I'd like to see more drunken/party references though.

DannE-B profile pic Artist

haha, yea long indeed.. but fair points, I was having a bit of a laugh with the same idea, as they were Exactly the same in the game, just colour swap... Phew longer sentence!

Graja profile pic Alumni

hahahahahahaha very nice!! i love Raiden


Very great style!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I was listening to the Mortal Kombat theme non stop during this one.

haha, I'm glad you took one for the team to create this bout of hilarity. Really fun stuff, a Fight For Your Right To Kombat! scene here.

I actually love that the dude with the shirt over his head is the dame character with a color swap, it works with the parody of the original MK game.

zenbolic vision

amazin loveee this games took years of my childhood playing it lol specialy my fav mortal combat one am glad u passed the copy rights lol ! awesome 5 !

soloyo profile pic Alumni



i like the design, not sure with the tee color, hmm, $5!


Should have been ''Normal Kombat'' .. great stuff, 5$ !!

2 Headed Monster

I would die to see the Fatalities, hilarious for sure.


Good work :D



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