Morning (Remix)

Design by clojita

Morning (Remix) by clojita on Threadless
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bortwein profile pic Alumni

Right now, it's just the telephone pole that is lacking in this design. I like what you did with everything else, but that pole top is just not lining up right for me. I like how on the blue one it looks like winter.


No, I love it! It's rockin you should give me tips...

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

havn't seen the first submission of this design. but as is, im loving it. id totally buy $5.


This is really, really awesome, man. I wish I knew you. 5$.


i really dig it toots


i like the black on white the most, really nice..

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

really nice, and clever


I didnt notice it until bortwein said but the lines not matching up bugs me slightly, its a bit of a petty observation though. I still love it.


I absolutely love this, but it would have to have 5 wires and bigger notes (so they fit with the wires the way they should) before I'd buy, just to keep my orch friends from constantly pointing it out.

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