Moon Running

Design by zulfinaAM

Moon Running by zulfinaAM on Threadless
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I think the rodent is a little too subtle. Even with the title as a clue, it took me a while to discern what it was. Neat idea, though, and the execution of the 'wheel' is fantastic


I agree with affehaus. Love the concept but the actual rodent needs to look more like a rodent.


Agree with the above. I didn't have a clue what I was looking at until I read the comments. But a good concept that I dig, nonetheless.


Nothing new. Great concept, hard to grasp

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Until people said that was a hamster, I couldn't even see the joke here lol. I agree, definitely too subtle. Maybe even backlight the moon so you just see the rodent's silhouette inside the moon like a hamster wheel? Great idea though!

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