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Get rich or try dying!
Nah, seriously..I love your style, but i've got major problems reading it right. 4


the picture made me laugh, but "wanna try 4 a record" might make more sense...


is this a rap lyric or something?


Since it seems to be hard to read it in the right order, I'd suggest going for 2 print colors. Fill the "die rich" text with a medium tone color that works with your primary print color. That might help people read the first line, then the 2nd. I might also suggest, bringing the "?" out of the shape so it can be larger and in line with the last word of that phrase. (It would print in the primary color outside of the shape, instead of knocked out of that shape.)

I also want to say I like the Black on Orange.


want to try your record....what does that mean??


SWEET! A GOLF CART JUMPING...over...trucks? what?

I do like the negative space text use, though


well.. the design's cool.


the only thing that keeps buggin me about it is that if it is "ya" record, then you have already made the same jump successfully, otherwise it is "the" record. try to beat the record, die rich. more along those lines.

if you have already made the jump, the sense of danger isn't there, and the die rich part makes a lot less sense.

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