Monster Picnic

Design by dannodepf

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dannodepf profile pic Artist

An idea that I had about monsters having a picnic, that evolved from eating in a park, to imagining what they could use in a city to have a giant picnic...

hope everyone enjoys! please leave comments!

8 colors in all, shirt colors preferred are sand or dark grey.

dannodepf profile pic Artist

he he. thanks. i figure, if i was a monster, i'd totally want to pop open a school bus like a can of sardines...


haha very nice. I like how they killed the poor mustard dude. should have made the squirt spill on the ground red, though.

Option 1 is best.

give it a 5

dannodepf profile pic Artist

mustard man started out as ketchup, but i decided there was already too much red in the design. i think i feel more pity for mustard than i do ketchup. ketchup sleeps around too much.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Great characters and style!

ounom profile pic Alumni

Great! The bus is awesome!! I´m working now in a similar concept!

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni


dannodepf profile pic Artist

frickin - that is a nice one indeed! i hadn't been on this site much in almost 3 years before this january, so i keep getting surprised with new information. thanks and good work!


Love your little characters. Great style and nice color choice.$$


Nice job, and characters!


Damn, you got a higher score than me. haha.. for good reason of course.

dannodepf profile pic Artist

well, i suppose this is a fairly decent score. i think they'll at least consider using it as a shirt... i've seen some with this score get printed... so... COOL!


I really hope they print it, I've got my fingers crossed!

dannodepf profile pic Artist

thank you. i was pretty happy with this score, especially since it was the first thing on here i put effort into, and it was a newby design.

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