Monster Melee Cheat Sheet

Design by curtisblackwell

Monster Melee Cheat Sheet by curtisblackwell on Threadless
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This does vampires no justice.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

While this is a good piece of info to bring into the mythical creatures battlefield with you, as a tee design it feels too wordy and ripped from an occult textbook or something.


HAHAHA This is an AWESOME design!!!!


what does finish business mean?
you can kill them with poo?


I think that it means ghosts hang around on earth because of some unfinished task or some wrong that needs to be righted.

The idea is great, and for geekiness, I don't mind the wordiness, but I don't know if it needs the title up there. And maybe wider color bands?

Charts are definitely geeky!

biotwist profile pic Alumni

would have been better for horrorII



Skap 1er

poor vampires, they're like that kid in school who was allergic to EVERYTHING


I totally love this, but I wouldn't wear it because I wouldn't want strangers getting really close to me to read it. haha!


The concept is cool! I only think the graphics is a little flat and the lettering could have been developed better...

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