Monster Holiday

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Monster Holiday by Glennz on Threadless
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Glennz!!! Nice one!! I am not a fan of Monster Trucks but this idea is wicked awesome!!!

andyg profile pic Alumni

What a great idea!!!!!! 5$


Is monster holiday a common phrase in (Australia?). I don't really get it, but the illustration is excellent, as always.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

for us americans think of it as more monster vacation rather than holiday (most other places go on "holiday" than vacation) plus remember that NO ONE but you sees teh title so it shouldnt matter at all

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

so fresh and so clean clean clean clean

mezo profile pic Alumni

What's not to get? It's a monster truck (pick-up truck with huge tires) pulling a monster trailer (trailer with huge tires). It's clear as day. Very funny illustration, glennz. And perfectly rendered. As usual.


Looking it........I,m a nice afraid!


My first thought was this was a bit of a Glennz rip off......hang on .... Perfect execution as usual.


mezo on Oct 27 '07
What's not to get? It's a monster truck (pick-up truck with huge tires) pulling a monster trailer (trailer with huge tires). It's clear as day.

Most of Glennz's subs have a concept that's at least a little deeper than just "huge tires." I don't really see the point here.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

and mezo u need not to put gleenz name in BOLD. we're pretty much aware with how great his works are, that's a little too much ass-kissin for me sorry dear.

uhh way to assume! mezo puts everyone's name in bold

i think the confusion here is that people think the title has more significance than it does. i think it's just a title here, whereas it usually has more significance to the sub in some of glennz's other work. the imagery that a monster truck would require a trailer with monster wheels is clear enough (to me, at least).

fc gravy

hahaha, you're killing me!

mezo profile pic Alumni

sonmi is gonna be my Valentine in 2K8.

I disagree, moose, I don't think his subs don't have deep meanings so much as they are visual puns. They are cutsey, funny, simple concepts that are sharply rendered.

And KILLZ does not understand that "holiday" does not always mean Christmas or Columbus Day...but it can also means vacation. Thus, a person who drives a monster truck that goes on vacation would need a monster camper.

And yes. Titles on Threadless shirts don't mean crap in actuality.


haha! where do you get these ideas?!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's a cute pun, but if i liked monster trucks more, I'd probably be drooling all kinds of saliva rainfall all over this. alas, it remains a cute idea tho!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I don't get this...HA! Just kidding! this is rocking, as you'd usually expect from this Glennz guy. Great stuff mate.


OMG, I've actually seen this. But it can't top the unholy triumvirate: monster Hyundai, monster Gremlin, and monster Pacer. Yes, I've seen all three of those, too. ;o)


too vague without the title



This is hilarious. I'm surprised I haven't seen one of these hurtling down the freeway.


its seriously like impossible to not give one of ur designs a 5

courtney pie

oh man! i wish i had one now

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