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MONOGLOBOCON by travis76 on Threadless
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Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

you're cleaning up today Travis... great concept.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

deffinitely strange and a good way.
would look great as a large crest, pocket placement...


dude, i want a shirt with that guy on it, he kicks ass

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

This one is really cool travis. I like how it is just straight clean graphics. I love your people and line drawings, I wish there were more of them up, like the robot derby shirt. Your drawing skills are pretty flippin' hot and inspirational, which makes it funny that I really like this shirt, not having any of your drawing at all. I guess it just shows what a good overall designer you are. Good work man!


if i wear this will i be able to get in at monte rio and kick it old school at bohemian grove?

give it up to the big owl y'all!
who-wa who-wa



This is brilliant, I'd buy it.


i didnt read the description, but i would get the shirt just cause i didnt under stand it .

mezo profile pic Alumni

Way to break out of your design comfort zone...ONCE AGAIN.

Sweet design, Trav. I'd sport it...even WITH the latin typo.

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