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Monkey Sea... by briancook on Threadless
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briancook profile pic Artist

An admittedly lame pun. Hope it still inspires a laugh or two.

Note: Aweb1492 told me during critique that he recently submitted a design with a similar title. I haven't seen his, but in case there are any similarities we assure you it is merely coincidence.


heh, they're trying to be people!


at first i thought of 'sea monkeys'

clause profile pic Alumni

hee heee i love monkeys! interesting concept

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

love it $5

jayrawz profile pic Alumni



Not sure if I'd wear it, but I love the illustration!

briancook profile pic Artist

llamarocket - I drew and inked it by hand, then brought it into illustrator and vectorized it to do the coloring - that's how I'e done 95% of my designs on here.


I personally like the monkey's riding in the background! haha.


Dang, so few comments for such a great drawing... some of the best monkey expressions I've seen in AGES. Best kid's tee in a long time, too, though I'd really love it on a tee (for kids) with a darker collar/reinforced sleeve bottom... ie navy collar and sleeve ends on baby blue to accent it (I've got half a dozen $5 tees of the sort, so they don't cost a bunch)... sorry to ramble... I just... sigh. I have a shirt that I want this set of monkeys to go on!

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