Monkey Boom!

Design by joshamman

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Nice, reminds me of this old duck and cover movie we watched in History one day. A commie monkey was dangling a stick of TNT at the American turtle, who ducked and covered, but then you see the tree all black and charred but no more commie monkey. Thank you for making me remember that. $5

Terry Citizen

I agree, make the smoke grey and maybe lose the smokes outline.


not bad, but it bugs me that the two stars on the left are different from the others. Next time, desegregate your stars

mezo profile pic Alumni

Is he a ribbon dancer?


I'm not sure why, maybe it's the colors, maybe the monkey's devilish expression... reminds me a little bit of 12 Monkeys.

I'd wear it anyway :)

filak profile pic Alumni

Nice $5

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