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Mona Lisa SMILE!

Design by Frozen Apple

Mona Lisa SMILE! by Frozen Apple on Threadless
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Frozen Apple
Frozen Apple profile pic Artist

"Her smile is in the lower spatial frequencies. The horizon is significantly lower on the left than it is on the right.... She appears larger from the left than on the right. Historically the left was female, the right was male." used to say Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code

There are a lot of secrets and misteries related to her identity and to the unique charm that's hiding behind her smile.
The Mona Lisa is my favourite painting EVER.
So...I just wanted to make something not particularly classic! LOL!

This is my second submission..Hope you like it!

Frozen Apple
Frozen Apple profile pic Artist

Thank you! :D
The only thing I'm not really sure about is the font .-.


The back is awesome!!


Great design. I really like the colors $5


I'd wear it. 5!

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