Molly and George

Design by finkenstein

Molly and George by finkenstein on Threadless
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Bramish profile pic Alumni

Odd, I have friends, who are siblings, who are called Molly and George.


great job once aagain, finkinstein. you really have perfected the art of having two, previously unknown, characters, and having the drawing tell a story and create a lot of interest

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

it'd be cool if george was a toad or something, maybe have him on a leash. I love molly though hmmmmm.... the big scary beast + cute little girl is becoming the new panda... anyway, sorry, not trying to offend, I do love your work and your characters, just wanted to see a more unique twist.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

not that this ISN'T unique,,,, ah man, I just shut up now!

olie! profile pic Alumni

This is awesome

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