Modern Man (is a recyclable product)

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Modern Man (is a recyclable product) by Jebs on Threadless
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AN idea that came to me two days France, the Logo is exactly like that, excepet of course the persons inside...i hope that in the States, it exists this way too...? anyway, the concept is that, you see the logo first, but as you come near the tee/ discover another sense of the tee shirt, seeing those people in this spiral...i mean, in our countries, especially in the professional way, we are somebody a day, someone else another day, nothing the next day, we are used, reused, thrown, spitted, retaken for something else etc... excuse my english (i try to do my best)

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thank you! In France, it's used for the recyclable packages...but i'm pretty sure it won't be understood directly, because the logo is not used exactly like this (as it is in France), that's too bad, but anyway, i just go ahead reading your comments ;-)


huh. interesting.


the first thought that came to my mind was SOYLENT GREEN.

"Soylent Green is **!" :)

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excellent! le tien est beaucoup plus humoristique,que le mien, et 1.63, c'est vraiment pas cher payé...(je pense que celui ci aussi va sortir de la galerie trés vite lol)

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