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I like the 'now 100% emu safe' haha


Lose the BAD music part
otherwise love it

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

this amuses me.


I know goths. they aren't emo. I know emos. They aren't unhappy. They don't cut them selves. they are actaully hyper and hug eachother, except the girls who moan a lot.
I don't like this tee much at all, and thats purely on how it looks.3


the cutters are getting mad at this shirt.

they'll probably go cut themselves.


I'm a cutter and I think this is hilarious. $5


burlesque on Jun 13 '06
I'm a cutter and I think this is hilarious. $5

being an ex-cutter, i think i'm supposed to feel offended by jokes like this, but i think it is well executed.


A brilliant illustration completely destroyed by having the word emo on it :(
5 but no $ just because of the content sorry!


I cut myself sometimes (though I don't consider myself "goth-emo"), but I find this hilarious. I really don't think it's wrong to make fun of cutters, because it's our own dumb fault for not dealing with our depression like normal people.

If this doesn't make the cut, I suggest resubmitting it with the omission of "goth-", a more emo hairstyle on the grass, and perhaps a small green tear in its eye.



P.S. - suicidal seeds FTW

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