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^ I definitely agree about the tree hole. I didn't even notice how big it looked until you just pointed it out :-x

Entranced: I orginally tried tilting some of the elements, but it wasn't working how I wanted it to so I left it. It might be something I could go back and try to do.

Thanks for the great feedback so far!


clever. but i agree, the hangings themselves need a little color.


idea = 5, execution = 1


don't like the blaring hole in the tree...otherwise- really good idea =D

tracerbullet profile pic Artist

^I wasn't really going for artistic detail; rather it was supposed to be more of an elementary school type of thing like many people did when they were younger.

Thanks for all the feedback so far; the suggestions have been really helpful.


Aww, I used to make stuff like this!
I think I'd like it better if it just had the clouds and sun, though...


You can still make it look as if a child made the mobile without it looking like the child did the drawing.


love it cept for the "holes" in the mobile pieces being cutout in white and black...keep it a one color print, i like the simplicity, cept maybe make the shapes a little rounder

tracerbullet profile pic Artist

^not quite sure what you mean by "holes." It's a two color print, one color is the line work, the other color is the scotch tape holding the strings in place.

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