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.onion profile pic Alumni

This is so weird... Uh... disregarding the utterly creepy guy, placement is too large, and we can see the box of orange around him on the tee :P Not that that matters. ... Dude this is creepy weird -___-;

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I don't think its revolting, you obviously put some time into crafting this creation, but it's defintely not my thing...and yeah, i thought he had wings as well before your description as well (i love how matter-of-fact you are with telling us that too, like of course!)


i think its creative, unique, and relatively well drawn... however it isn't so much what i would consider aesthetically pleasing. something can be odd, disturbing and weird, but still be aesthetically pleasing to look at. i think that's mostly what you need to work on.

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