Mixtapes for my Baby

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Mixtapes for my Baby by steven218 on Threadless
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steven218 profile pic Artist

We all made them, and if you were lucky enough, you got a decent one.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

i'd like to see the tapes stacked higher, covering the whole damn tee! nice concept though. 444


i love this idea, but there needs to be something that makes me instantly know that these are music tapes w/o having to read through the shirt.


although done differently, it reminds me too much of Oh Dearly Departed


i love this reminds me of a song from Avenue Q....which means this shirt totally rocks!


It'd be sorta cool if they were all songs with girls' names... like... "my michelle" and "help me rhonda." just my brain mumbling on here...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

lovely idea, and like chelly said, maybe having all these cassettes resting on top of a giant speaker or a boombox/old dual cassette stereo unit would bring the point home, further.....maybe one tape casing laying on the left side to signify that you are listening to that one right now...

The Bryman

I don't get why they're all girls names.

but I like marga grooves' idea, though.

Square Bob

ive seen a similar idea done recently in the UK to advertise an mp3 player, but I still think it is a brilliant idea and the girls names is what sets it apart for me.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I wish this went the length of the tee and no tabletop. Very cool though, love the personalization of the tapes, my wife use to do the exact same thing... me too, I must admit

steven218 profile pic Artist

that's actually a good a rob, i might revisit this one with that in mind

steven218 profile pic Artist


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