Missionary Proposition

Design by d3d

Missionary Proposition by d3d on Threadless
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grayehound profile pic Alumni

wow! this has progressed a bit! the background and details really pull the idea together. nice work!

Gringz profile pic Alumni

haha thats great 5$


to me it looks like two religious jews in a pot of gold but the drawing is great, so i give it a 4 :)


This is an amazing design! The background and the lighting effects are phenomenal!


Your skills are amazing. But...gay Jewish/Amish/Catholic priests being boiled alive by cannibals? That's not funny. My gay Jewish/Amish/Catholic priest grandmother died that way.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

that is one the finest artworks i've seen in a long time here.....just blow away everything else! but, i am not fan of the idea....too bad! Anyway 5$ is still my rate for you :-)


This reminds me of the scene in Blues Brothers
where the nazi tells his nazi superior that he loves
him before their car falls a million miles from the
sky to the Earth below, but this design isn't as funny.

the pot looks great -- the tongues working as feet especially

You should make actual 3-D pots based on the pot in
your design and you should get rich selling them.
I would buy one.


lol at superpope. I like the background and love the pot, but I don't get the guys inside of it.


oh -- I just read the title, and it makes more sense. but without the title, I wouldn't have gotten the joke.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

love the mysterios story, the subtle background, the steam god, and the best part is the tongue pot-feet...awesome design.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Great work. The background and the face in the smoke are perfect.


$$$555!!! I love this with a love that is completely unholy. I think it is the t-shirt I dream about at night. ♥


Gorgeous! That pot is amaaaazing. Oh, that I could draw like that. And the message/idea is FAB. Very original. "Missionary" - excellent.


it's really well done, but i think it could use a few natives to add danger or immediacy to the piece.

$5 nonetheless

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

great detail..and yay for pooting bubbles!


i can appreciate the art and i'm fairly certain i understand the message behind it
but i do have to say that this shirt will definitely offend people, unquestionably


This reminds me of the hot tub they have in the Sims video games.


$5 Awesome!!! I love the pot. And just for the record i'm not at all offended, it's just a really fantastic design.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is your best of late in my opinion ... crantastic!

staffell profile pic Alumni

fucking ace


Your pot is rippin' rad!
so is the floating spirit in the background.


Straight up respect. I think the background's a little big, but I still really dig this. 5

chronically bizarre

lol this is hilarious, I'd be so jazzed if this got printed



Funny, but I wouldn't buy it.

Ava Adore

haha thats great!

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

Great work and I love the details here -- strong characters and a unique story! Huzzah!


i love your style!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

funny pun - threadless needs more sexy shirts like this.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

OMG! hahahaha, now that's some funny shit

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