Mission Malfunction

Design by Glennz

Mission Malfunction by Glennz on Threadless
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wouldn't the entire space buggy thing be floating as well? or is that weighted? :)


love it!!!


Its great. The only improvement suggestion I have is to have only 1 wheel floating away rather than 2. Will make it (IMHO) more interesting.


Again, another great shirt for kids. I really enjoy your designs.


This really doesn't make sense. The Moon - or any other planetary body - has gravity. It may have less than the Earth, yes, but stuff won't float away. If there was no gravity then a car would be absolutely useless.


I'm sorry to get so technical but that's just not true, Sugarkitten. If there's any gravity at all, nothing can "float off". There is video footage of an astronaut dropping a hammer and feather simultaneously on the Moon. They both hit the ground at the same time because the Moon has no atmosphere.

I like this illustration just as much as all your other illustrations, Glennz, but if I wore a shirt like this then my father - who has a PhD in Physics and is an astronomer - would never let me hear the end of it.


who gives a toss whether it makes sense or not ...
did u have a giggle at it the first time u saw it ? hell yeh! .. lol
so its worth it. top job again mate. clever ideas and killer art. works everytime.

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you always have great ideas glennz but i think this could use some more "style"... the cosmonaut seems really stiff and the halo of black space leaves such a large footprint on the shirt, im sure you could find a way to tone it down.


yeah, who cares about details and accuracy when shirts are for fun anyway.. i agree with liranlotker about there only being one tire... I guess I get that he is trying to replace a tire (hence the iron and bolts floating as well) but still it complicates the joke a tiny tiny bit too much. Other than that I like it but wouldn't wear it.. 4 for great concept, well executed, and super clean design


great idea and nice detail

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