Missing Ingredient

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Aristotle Throttle

I O.D.-ed on drink shirts a long time ago. I like my drinks in my stomach not over it.


You're about to have a mess if that soda in your shaker, don't you know the first rule of mixing drinks? You always add soda after its in the glass.

Operator profile pic Artist

Ok ok.. so its not "realistic" in terms of ingredients and preperation but I think that getting hung up over those things would be missing the point :-)


Operator, what is the point??
This shirt is all wrong, but since I'm biased to shkaers: 3


Wow, those buttons are fun.

Operator profile pic Artist

I guess it really depends on how active and/or perverted your imagination is, eh?

Thanks Alysia. My next submission will be so interactive that you will actually have to design it yourself.. lol :-)

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