Misplaced Divinity

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Misplaced Divinity


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Revolution, something weird and artsy, forget how it votes.

I really tried to take the revolution contest instructions to heart when I was designing this piece. A revolution for me was stepping away from the funny/punny mainstream jokes crafted for voters to place 5's on. Stepping away from something everyone would get.

The result was something very personal, something I would get even if no one else did. This design is meant to be a visual poem and statement on so many things important to me. Like a poem, its free to individual interpretation. I'ld love to hear what you see.

Over-size print on slate using simulated process. It can be shrunk down if necessary and alternate versions are available.


wiiierdd, coool, 5

dacat profile pic Alumni

SICK!!!! I love it, hits Watch this button....$5


This is phenomenally intense. I could tell it was a revolution sub. Wow.


whoa. My mind is blown and I'm left speechless. all color options look intense. $5

Robsoul profile pic Alumni


5ved and buyed.


That is incredibly cool. I love the anti-color one, but the others are fantastic, too. :)


Holy crap. I'm not sure if I'd buy this or not, but this is amazing. Maybe the negaverse one. 5 at least.


That's the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time, and awesomely well done. 5.

Rockslide profile pic Artist

whoa- thanks a ton everyone! I really wasn't sure how this would play on threadless.

Flash (wallywest101) this would use the simulated process method which could reduce it to CMYK+underlay bleach= 5 screens. For higher quality it could add more specific tones too. 8 screens would be plenty and within the color limit.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

so much skillzzz... not sure i want to where the budge smuggler around on my chest, but HOT design!

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

OMG! this is awsome 5$

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

This is awesome. I absolutely love it. Great art.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Prodigious $5


incredible illustration!!!!!

cshimala profile pic Staff


ir0cko profile pic Alumni

awesome! $5


wow, pretty intense stuff!

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

Kudos for doing something daringly different!


I think you've tapped into the spirit of the REVOLUTION contest very well.

I like the dark design the most.

myteemo profile pic Alumni



powerful!... it raises questions and makes a statement on so many levels... rad & very artsy.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

We have a WINNER! $5

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

We have a WINNER! $5

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Thanks a ton for all the comments again! A special thanks to stopper111 for his interpretation. It is really cool to see how other people can see such different things in the same image. To me, this is just about a man trying to buy tacos for his pregnant wife-- I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'm still debating whether or not I should put up my interpretation. Maybe if it hits a 100 comments or something.



this competition is over... this is unbeatable!

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

amazing illustrator $5

zipperking profile pic Alumni

this shirt bleeds REVOLUTION!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

there aren't many illustrations of this caliber presented here. in fact, i can think of maybe a handful. there hasn't been a serious submission for the revolution yet that comes close to this in artistry and challenging what a threadless design is all about. nice work rocky!

hogboy profile pic Alumni

great work man. My fave is still the anti-colour.


Wow, just wow! Great work! Not my style so "just" 5 from me :P

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

oh dang. :)



sonmi profile pic Alumni


bortwein profile pic Alumni

woah, there is a giant paragraph in the middle of all the comments. Well done Rock.


mary mother of god that is brilliant! i am amazed and woooahh kinda speachless


i mean that is just so good, such a good drawing, it is too good for a t-shirt but somehow works so good on a tee

yeah - i'm all gaga and stopped making any sense so i'm just clicking $5 instead of continuing


oh - just one more thing - the bigger version on the grey is perfect

ladrones profile pic Alumni

insane in the membrane!


this is ace, but the negative is fucking ace! nega-verse ftw!


WOW!! just WOW!!


the czar

Rockslide, man, I don't know what to say . Stunningly awesome, how about that? It'll have to do


agreed, nega-verse is where it's at!

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

101 comments now - explanation time

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Okay, I did say I would share my interpretation at 100. First I have to say thanks again to everyone and especially to the incredible compliments from Grayehound and quister.

I posted this attempt at an explanation on the Black Rock site so I'll just copy it here. Again, I wanted this to be open to individual interpretation, so my views are just my views, I like the idea of everyone seeing it for themselves. It was cool to see how other people saw things differently without my words clouding things up.

Its kinda hard to explain the deeper feelings behind the piece so these written words might seem a bit hollow. Since this piece is meant to be personal, [for me] it is very religious in nature. It represents the struggle between being a man of the world and a man of faith. No man can serve two masters. In the piece, the brain has declared itself master of the flesh and expelled the heart, which it weighs as being worth less than a few pieces of gold. This is the man of the world, feeling his logic is of more value than his morality, which he is willing to sell off for a small price. The two are weighed on a shattered sword, the sword representing conflict/war/aggression that only ends up hurting himself and in turn the blood taints the money. He needlessly spills his own blood. War is a broken weapon that attacks those who would wield it.

The brain is also seeking to control the arm of the flesh which represents man believing he has more strength than God, that he can lift his burdens alone. The angel represents morality again, the conscience and how logic or popular theory tries to overwrite what we feel or know to be true. This man is disconnected in many ways. He feels many directions and influences tugging on him at once. Being blind, he will have to figure out his purpose without the physical truths around him.

The tree leg represents his family life. The roots to the past and branches to the future. So many today shun their parents and ancestors, they cut themselves off from past experiences and wisdom. So many others cut themselves off from marriage and children, not accepting the responsibilities and personal growth that comes with them. Without the family, there is no anchor, he has no roots to hold him strong through the encircling storms.

His other leg represents a worldly step towards the flawed and incomplete science and technology of man. In the end, the misshapen cogs do nothing by themselves. The cloud is nebulous and always changing. It is puffed up and appears to be great and large but in reality has little substance. A foot planted on clouds will surely fall through. The leg unravels as it nears the cloud. This represents us stripping away who we are when we deny our divinity. That doing such strips away our life and leaves us dead. The only remainder being bones in a grave.

The title Misplaced Divinity relates to this struggle, the world would have us place our divinity, or lack thereof, in things of no real value. You are nothing but flesh and blood, chemicals and programming, do as you will because tomorrow you die. So why does he even struggle? Its because he knows better deep down inside. God doesn't leave us, we leave Him. Divinity isn't lost, its just misplaced. Eventually the struggle will turn and as man embraces his divinity he will re-connect. His roots and branches will receive strength and become anchors again. Science will become a tool and not a support. The mind and heart will work in unity and a complete, perfect man will take command.



Luke... profile pic Alumni

most excellent...love that it is so personal, yet open to a lot of interpretation.


I am speechless. (insert rambling, guttural noises here) This just goes beyond anything I have ever seen here. You are amazing!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

for me IT IS the winner...that's absolutly marvelous...nothing to add, good luck!!!!!!!!!


AWE INSPIRING! My mouth hit the floor, seriously.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

i dont like our nations capital but now i must travel to stockholm and convince the king to add an art award to the nobel prizes. 5$


so - when can i wear it?


wow. So awesome that it hurts my eyes. $5


I like the nega-verse one best. it gets my 5$! :)

Montro profile pic Alumni

Impressive. Anti-color works the best for me.


awesome! but not nega version

Neon Samurai

Wow, really nice work.


nice to remember... this version, not nega!

Ava Adore

print for sure
looks excellent and great work as always

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i realize i can't really say anything you haven't already read\<br /> so amazing work, not something i would wear 5

staffell profile pic Alumni

oh my god

Peachbeach profile pic Alumni

aaah sick!! aaaaah!!! but awesome!


crizzazy! negaverse, ftw!

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

This will be in the history books.

Montro profile pic Alumni

hmmm....strange score. Expected much higher.

Rockslide profile pic Artist

yeah, the scoring kinda blows my mind too sometimes, but I guess that was the point of this revolution- to not care about the scoring or to try and cater to the scores. I know a panda eating ice cream probably would have scored higher, haha.

-Thanks a ton to everyone who voted and commented on this sub! I really appreciate all the love.


wha.... how the fuck did this scored so low??????
I guess it scared too much people... packs of 0's

dacat profile pic Alumni

Rock, you are so right, it's not cute, so this is a freakin' high score considering...still, a top contender for the Revolution!

staffell profile pic Alumni

whoa, low score

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this is a remarkable thing here


Oh my fucking god, this is AMAZING.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Don't know how I missed this one, but somehow I did! It's so much in the spirit of the contest. I love the rich imagery and personal metaphors behind this. I'm not sure I could actually wear this, but as a piece of art I find it intriguing and fantastic. Having said that, I think there are people that could get away with it because it actually looks striking and bold on the shirt. Your work is always challenging and cool. I think this just might win the comp!

staffell profile pic Alumni

this is missing eyeballs!

Rockslide profile pic Artist

haha, staff, yeah that's part of the symbolism. He has no eyes to see the true reality around him. I thought about putting the two eyes off in different parts of the piece, but then decided to leave them out completely.


I wish I hadn't read the explanation of this design. Now it's no longer something I'd wear. :/


I love this art and I love the two explanations of its design. But it's a design that needs to be stared at and talked about, which is why I couldn't wear it as a t-shirt. If it was a poster, I'd already have bought it. If it's not made into a poster, I might buy it as a tee anyway and pin it up on my wall, because I love it so much! I would also copy and print your interpretation of it because I think it adds to the beauty of the shirt.
I'm glad you posted your interpretation (that's probably what dropped the score) and I'm glad people who don't like your interpretation no longer want to wear the shirt. I'd hate to think what they'd planned on telling people the shirt was about!
Amazing work. Keep it up!

Benji T



I keep coming back to this page... hahahah.



this is too good for Threadless.
(taking into account how amazing Threadless is. it's still too good.)

this is amazing art. i wouldn't be surprised to be reading about it in art history books in a couple hundred years. "it began as a submission on the web site threadless..."

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