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Miso horny

Design by grayehound

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Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Wow. Great illutration, nice spin on the Maxim logo, and absolutely masterful use of color. Congratulations, this should do very well.


I love it! Very well done. Love the concept, love the use of colours, love the theme!
Well done =)

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

GReat work. Best yet. 5 from me pal!!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

his logos in the soup



grayehound profile pic Artist

Wow! Thanks everyone for such great comments! This idea was put together at the last second while out eating sushi one night. Like most of the stuff I do, it made me laugh. If it does the same for you, then my job here is done.

Thanks again!


it would be a much better looking image with out the maxim logo

grayehound profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for your comments! I put my sig on everything I do, more out of habit than anything. Usually, it's pretty innocuous, but it's probably a bit bolder here than I usually do. I probably should've made it part of some psuedo-kanji on the side of the bowl...

As far as this being the Maxim logo, yea, that's what it's supposed to suggest, though it's not the same layout as thier logo. And, yea, the title is cheesy, but that's what I thought was funniest about it. We are talking about Maxim, so a little cheese seems to make sense.

Thanks again, everyone! I appreciate the feedback!


Strangely enough, I would like it better without the horns and tail, which would defeat the purpose. XD;;;

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