Misery To Your Ears

Design by mezo

Misery To Your Ears by mezo on Threadless
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slaterock profile pic Alumni

hahahahah. Man, i love this illustration. It's not so clear in terms of relation to the theme, but like you said, it would look hot on a hot female form. Nicely done!

mezo profile pic Artist

Theme: "The theme is to design a nice, classy tee that would look great on the women that make the list."

mezo profile pic Artist

Oh...and thanks, too!


I like the design a lot, would like it slightly smaller

mezo profile pic Artist

What the eff is wrong with you people?!
How does it NOT fit the Hot 100 theme?
It's a nice & classy shirt, isn't it? Would it not look good on a good-looking lady? Or can't any of you read?

You are all my little rays of sunshine. Thanks for the comments! If this wins (it'll be my first), drinks are on me!

imaginary drinks, that is

grayehound profile pic Alumni

I'm guessing there are a lot of preconceived ideas about what Maxim is looking for, and this design is contrary to those ideas.

"A strong, pretty woman dressed conservatively playing music," they say, "it's not what Britney or Jessica would wear!"

It's a good illustration (I've become a fan of your work, anyway) and a strong idea. I think it hits the theme right. But Maxim is going to choose, and all we have to guess what they want is what they put in their mag...

slaterock profile pic Alumni

Mezo, chill. Yes, it is a nice classy design, however it just doesn't read as "Maxim". I do think the ladies that win the top 100 would appreciate this shirt though. Chill out and don't get so flippin defensive. You've got a great design, so let it speak for itself. I was just pointing out that it's not "typical maxim content".


i love the dog - everyone is a critic


i really like the placement.

franx profile pic Alumni

I sympathies with the dog in this not because I’m a guy but because he’s so cute, yes he is,…am I wrong?


Is that Clara Bow?

I like it!


And... go figure! The three winning designs were by.... men!

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