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cool looking


Definitely prefer the body to be transparent. I like it on white, but I think the design will work on other colors as well if the body and background are the same color.


Love this one Gracia!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration but I don't really like it as a shirt.


Too sad for me. Sniff.

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

this is a really cool illustration


I'm tired of the term "emo". Shush.

The man illustrated here is naked for a specific reason-- to show vulnerability. He's had his heart broken and I'm almost certain that most of you know that sometimes, the need to bawl can outweigh the fear of being seen naked by someone other than your mum. He's lost everything-- be it his money, his love, or his clothes, he's showing it well. I think you portrayed a broken man very accurately. Kudos.

With that said, leave it on white or perhaps a blue that is lighter than the 'river of tears' and yes, the skin should be transparent.

And seriously. Quit saying "emo" where it need not apply. It may be an actual music genre these days-- I'm not sure --but like twangd said... a display of emotion is not emo. It is not bad. It is righteous and it brings you awesome shirts. ;D

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

very different from the usual threadless sub. i dig it. 4


hello i'm wearing a big naked ball of self-pity! right on my chest!

melh696 profile pic Alumni

i love it $5.


Not feeling it as a shirt, but I like the design.

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