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Mischief Makers

Design by wullagaru

Mischief Makers by wullagaru on Threadless
2.27 Avg Score
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1621 Votes
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  • 2.27 Avg Score
  • 1621 scores


wullagaru profile pic Artist

The Devil, TV and Idle Hands, teamed up for more fun than ever before

zipperking profile pic Alumni

Great to see some new stuff, keep 'em comin!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

the coloring and illustration on this is magical -

i love your work wulla - $5


the devil looks as if he has one leg at 1st glance... but still a $5

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Great style as always Wulla! I just love this! :D


This is sweet! I would have added some burning trees in the background going up a hill or something. So it would look like they just walked right through everything!


I like either placement; that burning house is great!

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

nice design dude...first made me think of televangelism preacher shows...then thought almost all television is a form of televangelism just with different messages...of DOOM..haha..burnination.


fire looks great - good stuff


the burning house does kick some idle ass

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Nice work dude.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Fun characters, love the flames $5


The devil already has positive PR in the media - I think I'll pass.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

The illo is magic. Not sure I would wear it. No way it's not a 5, tho. :)


neat, can't wait to see more

mezo profile pic Alumni

I've always enjoyed your style...but only in sections and not all together. There seems to be a lack of smooth flow and balance. And as much as I love the weird, I am not a fan of the surreal which is why I don't fully dig your works as a whole. That said, he gradual halftone smoke is really cool and the flaming nipples are should make a sub focusing more on that.


Your ego just got it's wings! Yay!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Dude this is awesome!! The perspective has really nice sense of depth, and the colors a great too :)


Amazing job
Congrats !


those little guys are adorable!! $5

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Theres a lot to like about this. If you work on the way you integrate your illustrations into the t-shirt, I think you will find a lot of success with your unique style. Like mezo said, the halftone smoke works really well, and might be something to consider working into your backgrounds more, so your illustrations don't look plopped on a t-shirt. Your softer color pieces are some of my favorite because they feel organic to the medium, and remind me of your awesome paintings. That said, the illustration and humor get a 4.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Great style indeed.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Underscored, my friend. Easily a 3 with the lower placement. I love your line and color skills. Best of luck!

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