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mirror - razor - family by ISABOA on Threadless
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Squares signify gender now?



To be constructive, I have no idea what the point is here.


Sweeney Todd?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I kinda liek this for the randmoness and I realy liek teh shapes as a design element

ISABOA profile pic Artist

it is based on the movie Tarzan legend of greystoke starring christopher lambert - if you have watched the movie then you may get it.

ISABOA profile pic Artist

k8_thedancer on Jul 11 '07
Don't get it. Clue us in plz?

OK -

- Tarzan learned english from his pal - the first words he learned were mirror razor and family - they ended up being an anchor to his efforts to become a man - he fought against them and the words were repeated several times. the design's composition has absolutely nothing to do with tarzan - it is as far from tarzan as I could get it - overall a weak submission, but i was fooling with different methods than I usually take

wotto profile pic Alumni

ahhhhh I get it now ISA - I knew I knew the reference I just couldn't place it.

Scotticus profile pic Alumni

i like it, the color combo is what i believe makes it most appealing here, 5... very nice

dacat profile pic Alumni

I didn't know the reference but I like that you subbed it regardless!

ISABOA profile pic Artist

there seems to have been a mistake -

ISABOA profile pic Artist

id like to apologize to the academy

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