Mine's bigger than yours !

Design by Patrick Seymour

Mine's bigger than yours ! by Patrick Seymour on Threadless
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o man i like this. great design :D 5.


It looks the medium sized person is a child. I don't understand the really tiny guy just standing there, I think it would be better without him. The large farming equipment is really awesome, though!


you should make clearer exactly what the little kid is riding


why is that very small man there standing??? other than that ... good job!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Toy man should look like a toy soldier or something, but otherwise I like the look a lot!

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

The word is just the title, it doesnt appear on the t-shirt!
And just love this one!! LOOK OUT a 5$ is coming ;)

Patrick Seymour
Patrick Seymour profile pic Artist

come on Tanya c'est la loin de la jungle, le plus fort l'emporte ca adonne juste quMil a une moisonneuse-batteuse héhé c'est tout


I agree with some of the others - get rid of the toy man, or make him black.

Also, is that one of those harvesting machines? If so I'd like to see some wheat.


ooooh! i've been rating tshirts for an hour now and this is the best one i've seen yet!!! awesome! hope it gets printed! great title and design. concept. perfectt!!! awesome! this will get printed! 5$!!

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