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this is a good idea. But I agree with above; much smaller. Also, I'd work on an original costume design. the tights look as though they belong to the Flash.

Maybe it was just my family, but we always hung our clothes on the bottom line...

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I knew it! my neighbour is the Flash. haha cool idea but lose the white, just black lines on the blue shirt would be sufficient, and anyway, we're focusing on the clothing. like everyone else said, smaller.

about the placement, just to throw something out there, maybe if this was wrapping around from the lower left of the shirt, just off center to the back of the shirt? then you really wouldn't have to adjust the size to much.


funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

aw man..i was tooootally thinking of doing this exact thing but then i forgot about it

i'd like this if it was smaller and a bit lower on the shirt but this concept is great. also the windows stand out a lot...maybe try it with just the black outlines?


Did somebody already say smaller?

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