Mild Mild West

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Mild Mild West by wullagaru on Threadless
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I love the colour choice, looks great.$5

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

as I said before, sweet deal man!

wullagaru profile pic Artist

I kind of wanted teh text and teh illustration to be on equal footing on this thats why I madeit as big as I did but if enough people say too big then Ill know that it was too big


I don't much like the colour of the t-shirt perhaps a maroon? I do like the design and the text though!

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice palette and distressing!

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni


This is soo well done! As always you're stuff is amazing! I'd happily buy this even though I've sworn off creme shirts :D

And as for the text I really don't feel that it's too big. I don't normally go for shirts with text but I think that it works very large like this as it's more part of the overall "design" and not just text put in. Hell I'd even go so far as to say make it even bigger and keep the the cowboy and the bunny overlapping in front.


nice one


the characters on this make me so happy, but the text doesn't float it for me. i love the balance you have going w/ the western themes and the childlike elements.


Hee, cute. Especially nice for a kid's tee.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Haha, nice one! I like your treatment of the text, but it might be better either much bigger or smaller than your characters... just to create some contrast. Once again, loving the style!!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great stuff, nice colors and distress.
would be nice of the characters were more incorporated with the text...the guy could be sitting on it and the rabbit nibblin on it...

wullagaru profile pic Artist

thanks luke... I am actually going to try and do a kids book bsed of this theme so I may use that idea for teh cover

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

i don't mind text in subs. so with that said i really like this! i've always loved your style as well. nice job!


I love it!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Love your characters as usual, make that little cactus dude bigger and drop the size of that font a lot more.... I hate to say it but.."LOSE THE TEXT', ha, it's all about your characters man.


nice! love the bunny

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I actually think this would be fine without the text....and i'm all about the wordiness on shirts. I'm rarely a fan of distressing, and i'm not sure why this design feels uneven on the tee above. I'd put "the mild mild west" on the back of the tee near the neck, but i know that's not what you are going for. still, a 3 from me to you because it's a fantastic design and idea.


love it! I'd just make the text a tad smaller so it doesn't overpower the design so much. =)

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

that is one fine horse ya got there - 5$ with text and distress - perfect the way it is.

herky profile pic Alumni

this turned out great, love the over-sized saddled bunny.


swing and a miss

andyg profile pic Alumni

Great illustration!!!

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