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atomic child
atomic child profile pic Artist

make the those symbols with your hands you can't see the thumbs


haahahahahahahahaha amazing. the thumbs rest near the palm behind the hand.


The lack of thumbs and green colour makes them look like alien hands. Might be a bit confusing to some.


green hands? complete ignoring of any notion of thumbs? apparntly our fingers only bend in 2 parts?

atomic child
atomic child profile pic Artist

you can't see thumbs when your hands are doing this check it out people


with the four hands together like that it looks like frogs missionary position

mezo profile pic Alumni

Aliens are known to show up more in the mid-west. First they drop the dope hand signs, then they probe your butt.

atomic child
atomic child profile pic Artist

i can always change the colors...just kinda thought these colors looked cool but i don't mind changing them around

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