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reags profile pic Artist

For as long as I can remember Lord of the Rings has been on the top of my favorites list. I've even been intrigued enough to 'follow Frodo's footsteps' and trail his journey to Mordor via Middle Earth maps, which can often be difficult to read. So recently I thought to myself 'What if Middle Earth had a railway system that could help the average joe understand its geography better?'

...and weeks later, voila! :)

Due to submission dimensions, for a closer inspection please feel free to download & view here (but please don't distribute or reuse publicly) -


Cheers all!


Very, very funny! I like the difference between the fantasy theme and modern style.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

cool. You should post an even bigger image still. I still can't read half the stops.

Fievel the Mouse

I've seen a few similar ideas here, but there's something about the mix of Tolkein and the London Tube I enjoy here :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

very nice!

Anything Goes
Anything Goes profile pic Alumni

Nerd alert :-) but in a very nice way.

Anything Goes
Anything Goes profile pic Alumni

Nerd alert :-) but in a very nice way.

reags profile pic Artist

Oh, and the file above has shows the updated map with a slightly thicker logo and incorporation of London Tube typeface (which in my opinion gives it that authentic edge).


reags profile pic Artist

Yep it's exempt thankfully - plus the Threadless crew are quite on the ball with trademarks after the Star Wars incident..

reags profile pic Artist

jasmine - design from concept to completion was around 2 weeks on and off :)

cheers for the votes everyone, keep em coming!


Awesome idea, and makes a great shirt! Good job.

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Haha oh man this is absolutely brilliant. There are tons of LOTR fans that would love to have this. This will print somewhere eventually. Great job.

reags profile pic Artist

Much thanks for the support everyone! :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm liking this a lot even though the concept of a railway system to either draw an image with the lines or connect it to another concept has been done to death. I'd love it way bigger on the tee and dropping all the informational pieces of the design on the bottom either completely off, printed on the sleeves or on the back corner of the shirt....super fun idea that would take people a moment to interpret but would be worth the wait!


reags profile pic Artist

Ah the master frickenawesome - always appreciate your comments mate :) agreed theres a tonne of ways this shirt could work - i actually thought about the same idea as what you mentioned and debated with myself for a looong week. The metro info on the sleeves is a great idea, wonder if its a feasible idea for threadless to to fulfill within their budget?


For a metro map it is sweet. I personally enjoy the hard to read Old English style maps like those of Middle Earth : )

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

Very cool idea!

reags profile pic Artist

Haha good call tesco!

Thanks everyone for their support, keep it rolling! :)

choubaka360 profile pic Alumni

great idea


fantastic, 'specially as a gift idea.
best parody i've seen.

reags profile pic Artist

WOW I'm blown away, thanks so much again everyone!! :)

trev_p - Bingo! ;)


Hilarious, hard to read tho.

reags profile pic Artist

3Bee - it's small in this preview but printed it will be more than sufficient in legibility.

For those who have overlooked or missed out, here's the link once again for the hi res viewing -


One day left, cheers all!

reags profile pic Artist

sasi7130 - funny you mentioned that as the first thing I did prior to kick starting this project was run a Google search to see if anything similar had been done already but had no luck (who knows I could've overlooked something). Still I gave it my best shot and I'm proud of it. Sorry you feel that way...if you do have a link I'd be more than keen to compare and see how they match up.

cheers for all the votes and input everyone :)


I'd better monitor the store, because if threadless prints this, it's going to sell out in less than a week!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

nice! congrats!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Wow, you did it!!!!!

reags profile pic Artist

Bit late to the party here but thanks everyone! Looks like it's almost sold out too wow :o

I updated the mediafire file hence it went awol for a bit, here's the new link -


cheers all


funny idea, amazing as a large print for the workplace !

but not on a shirt, no way.

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