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this is cool, but I have to say something about the butt-hand and the fingers look a little bit like, know? hehe. but, it is fun:)

hogboy profile pic Artist

I didn't realise the thumb tuck was crucial for the goat. I must remember to consult my Heavy Metal Rulebook in future... oh and its 'IT should be called looovvve...' not 'I should be called looovvve' retard.

hogboy profile pic Artist

Damn, I am from New Zealand, we basically just play Rugby and farm sheep. I've never heard of the 'I love you' thang. I can fang out a thumb tuck version super quick but will Threadless consider it a re-submit? hmmmm shame.


It's not too close to that at all. I really like the style, but I don't go in for the pentagram and such. Great skills though!


I like the illustrative style...whether it's "i love you" or "i love to rock..."

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