Mermaids in Brine

Design by sooty

Mermaids in Brine by sooty on Threadless
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sooty profile pic Artist

I did a couple of colour options but it was too cramped to include them all on the page click here other colours to see the pale blue and ash version.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Nice chicks!
or fish... o_O


Ooo! They certainly look delicious :D~ I want to bite their bodies apart (sorry.. i fantasize about mauling cute animals)

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

This is amazing. I wouldn't mind being in there with those mermaid ;) WINK WINK!


its been done before on threadless by a real good artist but hasnt been printed... still a really nice design


its been done before on threadless by a real good artist but hasnt been printed... still a really nice design

d3d profile pic Alumni

they're pretty cute

sooty profile pic Artist

damn it! someone has always done something similar, I searched under all mermaid submissions to check no one had done it too. curses! hopefully the style is different enough. sorry about the link, don't know what's wrong with it, try pasting this:

they aren't that different, just an ash and pale blue option. thanks for your nice comments so far.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I think the styles are so different that it doesn't really matter. Great Minds think alike:)


Nice design

Links never seen to work in the description/1st comment, i normally just post them in the comments when the design is through pending.

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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great! awesome illustration! i like it! 5$! :)

sooty profile pic Artist

thanks for the tip, I didn't think it would work but I'm not very techi, I had to get a friend to help.

it is better slightly tilted like the main image, that's what I intended it to be like on the t, it just doesn't show up so well on such a small visual of it.


I actually like this one better than the similar design. gets the sardines reference across better when they're lined up than one mermaid peeking out, in my opinion. and I like the monochrome

Raid71 profile pic Alumni


mezo profile pic Alumni

Great illustration work- especially on the 3D look of the top of the tin. To have the drawing be more visually interesting, you should move the roll of the tin away from the direct center. I'd suggest it going more towards the left, thus having more of the MERMAIDS word showing. It bothers me that all you see is the MAIDS part. 4

sooty profile pic Artist

I did try the rolled lid on more of an angle but to reveal more of the word it makes it cover up the end mermaid so I changed it back. I think it's fairly obvious what the rest of the word 'maids' would say, given the visual.

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors, I love the water droplets in the bottom of the can.


:D i like it!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yummy sea sluts. Nice work.

badnobe profile pic Alumni

i did one before.but yours is totally different style!this is great!

sooty profile pic Artist



cute. i like cleavage


I love both of them, but the detail I love on yours is that the can says "mermaids" That is awesome.

sooty profile pic Artist

the design is the big one on the left. I know the bottom one is hard to see but that's just for an idea of the placement.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice water drops


You'll be pleased to know I'm not going to give you a hard time this sub. Excellent.


I like this idea better than the other one that there is a link to because this one is clear mermaids are in the tin to be eaten while the other one just has a mermaid lying in it. Though I think the mermaids need to be a different colour so that they stand out from the tin more.


I love this! Don't really like the idea of anyone packing mermaids up for consumption, but they're so sweet that no one could possibly eat them. Just in case, send me your models and I promise to give them a home free of harm. $5.


I don't think it's certain they're for eating - it could just be that they get stroppy after a certain date! ;)

And "Best before end" is fine, I see that on lots of products.

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