Mermaid, It's What's for Dinner.

Design by JOHN2

Mermaid, It's What's for Dinner.


stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

I love it man. It's great. You draw great faces man, I'm impressed!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

that's a buy. It may even look good on natural or even light gray

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

orange meat please


awesome and then some. i agree with rhymeswithpurple

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

oh yes and with the blue inked lines, orange on natural

JOHN2 profile pic Artist

Yep, now that I look at it white probably isn't the best choice, natural would've been a better selection. If the light fatty part of the meat was the shirt color I would've had a whole other color to play with.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i like your style alot, i would love to see this with you going nuts with 4 colors


Awesome; I like the versions with the blue outlines :o]


awesome. Needs more color and a bigger knife... but awesome. do you think mermaid tastes like chicken?


the chef's facial hair is hilarious!

the design on your profile with the
orange meat, pink blood everywhere,
the white apron-hat-cleaver, and
the natural shirt color is the best
in my opinion.

I agree with mythidiot about the cleaver
needing to be very big so each slam
would really make it through the
width of the mermaid.

Your ability to illustrate the folds
of skin/fur on a body is top notch.

Ava Adore

very nicel done esign, clean!


john, have my babies. i love all your stuff, its amazing the amount of respect youve recieved after only three subs, theyre all so amazing

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

yeah, finally John! but more color please! no white color shirt please!
and I like the one with blood. but still 5 cuz I like all your works.


I never realized I liked mermaids so much until I saw this... sad and mean!


I made this design my computer background when you first posted it in the blog, so I've been looking at the black and white line drawing for a while now, so I'm a little sad that the submission isnt packed full of color.
Well its still a 5 from me, because the drawing knocks my socks off, but I wont buy it unless its printed with colors

She Says So

would but this in the yellow meat version.

Colonel Sanders

Great concept! I am a mermeid lover... this is awesome!

jublin profile pic Alumni

bazooka or no bazooka. this is awesome. i actually already mass produced it myself so i don't really care of threadless chooses to print it.

but i'll give it a 5 and $ just for the hell of it.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

no scales, natural shirt, with pink blood, orange cutlets and chefs white shirt... get some color in there my man.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I love his fat little arms w/no wrists .. this is my fav of your stuff so far


I think I like the pinkish color better than the gold. I mean it's not screaming red and that makes it better. :]


Genius. Pink with splatters please (and I NEVER thought I'd type those words on this site :-)


Kick ass


super cool!, bit sick..but cool


really cool, I'm not sure but maybe a little more color?


Really, really, really nice. I think the blood's pretty essential. Oh---and any other design but white wouldn't seem to work. But it's a pity.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

its good but it makes my brain hurt.

JOHN2 profile pic Artist

^^haha exactly! "le poisson, le poisson how I looove le poisson"


ah yes, i remember this. did you make his left hand a little bit more obviously a hand since the last time i saw this, or is that just my imagination. i really wish the zoomed version had the blood splatter.

i totally love this design, and i really hope they print it. i love your style, so keep submitting more awesomeness!


Slightly disturbing, but I like it.

Orange meat, some sort of splatter on the chef, and colored in hair ornaments. I don't know how much I like it on yellow. Natural works best, I think.

JOHN2 profile pic Artist

Thanks for voting guys and gals!


You're amazing. You shouldn't have to pander to these swine.

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