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Morel's Rhino

I also don't like talking to much on the description area, but for a different reason, i think that the art, drawing, music, doodle has to be self explanatory, or however it's said (english is not my native language) Said that, i enjoy the idea and the art.

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Thanks for the compliment, Morel's Rhino! I agree with you totally. I mean, I think that's why a person would end up sounding pretentious in any description of art: if you don't get some kind of an idea across with the piece itself, then you didn't do your job.

So, yes, the art should be self-explanatory. However, this is my first submission, and I tried to skip the little box that said "tell us a little about your art", and it wouldn't let me! So I was intimidated and took it way too seriously and ended up sounding pretentious in self-defense. :)


I really like this. It's simple, clean and I love the seaweed pattern and how it transitions onto the girl's skin. Nice.

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