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haha its finally up.. cant wait to see the reaction to this one.. and the hair straightener

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

oh wow, this is sooo emo!! hahaha!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

this is really emo, good job

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

great presentation cough
great design tRaSH_PaRADiSEmo

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Oh, by the way trash, I've used a straightner in my newest submission. Check it out. I think it's very emo because bad mornings make me sad.
You should drop me a line ( maybe we can colaborate on sad straightner emo designs

staffell profile pic Alumni

emo magic 5$


0- makes me sad


I like this design

I do not see the emo

the whole feeling dark when you're emo thing is bull

I like the design, I do not like the colors
and no more black will not make it better...


Me-mo. How witty!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

I dont like collages, thats what this looks like to me, sorry but there are repeated images and I dont understand your placement choices. I dont give bad scores but this is nothing phenom. Post up some more designs, get loose and work outside your norm.


Man, how about someone draw their own shit for once instead of vectorizing a bunch of googled images?


nobody ever explains what they mean when they call something emo. You all sound like complete idiots "THATS SO EMO!" shut the fuck up already.

"it's an emo shirt"

it's a fucking t shirt.


i dont understand this shirt but i actually really like it. its cool. very artistic.

lee klein

I like it most excellent I gave it five

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