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i heard those were like $300 or some crazy amount.
very original looks like that watermellon bubblegum.

d3d profile pic Artist

you mean they splice in cube dna? i always thought they merely grew them inside a square case so that they filled the space and took it's form. Thanks for opening my eyes. I have no idea what they cost for the record, but i remember homer simpson once paid a fortune for one which immeadiately turned round again in his hands causing him to drop and smash it. Worth thinking about.

loglow profile pic Alumni

grown in boxes

nice shirt


i LOVE this shirt, can't wait to but it and wear it. AWESOME work.


ya...japan ^^

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I think there is an OMG slogan that is "Square Watermelons Stack Better"

very nice


Some of us have heard of Japan's square watermelons elsewhere in the world.

It reminds me of those candies from a million years ago. What were they called? Bonkers?


I've actually seen square watermelons in Japan (I was at a department store in Shinjuku)... I suspect they are outstanding for storage purposes but not necessarily great in taste. (Just like GM tomatoes that are HUUUUGE but taste all watery and bland.)

Still, they make really nice eye candy. :D Love this shirt! Would wear it if the background were black or something a little more subdued than red.

(And I'll just ignore the fact that the media has successfully perpetuated the phrase "square watermelon" when the correct term is "cubic watermelon". :P)


...d'oh. I just realised you need the red for those spots in the middle... :\ Sorry.

d3d profile pic Artist

the spots are seeds and would actually work better in black, so fear not!


YOU Don't splice DNA to make mellons square grow the fruit while inside a cinder block., the fruit shape is restricted..then when its ripe yhou break the block 0_0

ps- Love the shirt- I'd buy it


sweet! $5

jublin profile pic Alumni

great shirts man. i love watermelon. as do i love many other fruits and vegetables.


bubble yum!


Wow... they don't cost that much and they don't just grow them in Japan...
They grow them in the U.S.A. too.
they are grown in square plexiglass containers(It's plant genuses. even the fruit needs sunlight. )
They sold them in HEB one day.(in texas)
they cost the same as a regular melon.

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