Melody Boom

Design by Yeaaa

Melody Boom by Yeaaa on Threadless
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Kelly and Mouse ... like it


This is really cool!!

I am Wig

cool layering


Nice rendition! Haha


this looks really good, the only things that get me are that the edges of the note seem a little too sharp, like there was much less thought put into it than the rest of the design (not saying that's the case), but it also may just be that the hands aren't showing up super clear on my monitor. either way you might want to play around with roughing it up a little bit more in the future. also, the way the right side of the note, where the stem meets the notehead, it just ever so slightly bulges out a little. i get a tad detailed focus, to be fair, but you might want to think about touching it up so that whole edge of the stem is flush with the farthest edge of the circle. otherwise, awesome design, definitely something to be proud of

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