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Tonteau profile pic Alumni

That blind box deal is no fucking dice. Terrible idea.

I'll give you a $5 for dog and dog only. Capiche?

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

awesomeeeeeee $5


I would wear Lord Thistlewick Smugginbottom every day!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

have to agree about blind box - I would end up with baby ori and be pissed -

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

so that's what these silly accounts are about

it's a gimmick, but the art/look of the shirt is fun

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

This idea is brilliant. great presentation, great characters, great looking shirts even! i can imagine two strangers walking past each other, one wearing a Huey, one wearing a Dug, and they totally high five each other! Friends made! Or someone wearing Lord Smugginbottom casting a mock sour glance at a Horton. it's like a social role playing game that can exist anywhere.


i hate all but two, but i really like those two, i wouldnt take the risk and buy a t i thought i wouldn't like


I'd buy the green and the yellow one, but not random.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

They look decent enough for what they are, but there's no way I'd cough up any cash without knowing what I'd get.


cute concept!... btw - the model for Huey & Lord TS resembles someone I know.

tesco profile pic Alumni

didnt think people would be this picky... if you'd wear one surely you'd wear them all. Also if you read it, the pink one is girls only. Fun idea, 5.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I totally want the moustache Lord. And only this one.


I think it's a fun idea, but I have to agree, I wouldn't pay for something that I couldn't chosse (not more than a quarter, anyway). Not only do you risk getting one you don't want, but you risk getting the same one twice if you want more than one.

I like them, but I want to pick which ones I get (Gem and Horton).


Is that facial hair on the baby?

staffell profile pic Alumni

what if threadless tracked which one you ordered before so that when a second order went through it was impossible for you to get the same one.


This is pretty cool, but out of them all, I'd only wear gem.

However if it gets printed I'm sure there'll end up being loads of exchanges, like with Home Is Where The Heart Is...


Great Concept!

Ava Adore

excellent $5


nice idea, i love the teetons! I like Gem and Huey the best but i would wear any of them!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

this is so sweet. i want GEM

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

love the idea

my favourites keep switching but right now gem and dog are my faves

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

hahah. I was wondering what the similar profile pics were for...


Cute idea though not entirely unique.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

This is completely brilliant and such a great idea. $5

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

DJigsaw: Where has this been done? Come on? I doubt you know what you are talking about...

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

I'm really enjoying this concept. I want the cyclops!!!


speak the truth tvt

grayehound profile pic Alumni

i love this idea! I have no idea which one i'd want, but it'd be worth it to find out. it'd almost be like a fortune teller....fate decides which one represents your true self.


These are fun :)


The will be fantastic for kids. If I was buying for an adult I'd want to choose. $5.

Woss profile pic Alumni

$5 Let's make this happen!

hogboy profile pic Alumni

supersweet! Love the concept & the 'Mr Man' simplicity of the illustrations.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Honestly, I like the idea, but the illustrations are not great at all. If more work had been put into each individual graphic, this could have been killer.

staffell profile pic Alumni

and also, Dug reminds me of Bender

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

such a funny idea!


why not just make them all equal chance of getting??? cuase the ones id want are the least likely to get

still decent enough design although the grab bag has been done (check ross' select, youd get a diffrent color bird by chance)



such a shame i can't buy some of these. i got over grab bags when i quit going to chuck e. cheese. hmm and i think my son would be pissed of he got a pink shirt... nope, not a chance unless i can choose. too bad.


this is great, but i think its a little too much more threadless to pick and print all of these. it just seems like a big hastle. but good luck! o, and i hope i dont get pink or the orange, or i want my money back! lol


o it does say girls only

mezo profile pic Alumni

Thistlewick has a GLORIOUS moustache. I loves him.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Maybe you should start your own company.

I doubt Threadless will embrace eight different designs in one sub.


i like just about all of them


It is kinda exciting not knowing which one you'll get!


I wasn't really happy with the grab bag aspect either, but after reading all the comments and different takes on it, I think I really like the idea! I don't want a chance of Ori either, but even though I'm a girl, I only buy guy's shirts so I guess I don't have to worry about that. LOL

So, in conclusion, after much thought.... $5!!!


Oh, and I wanted to agree with what Vindemiatrix said about exchanges. If you get one you don't want, sign on Threadless and find someone who has one you DO want. Swapping galore! :)


This is great, I love the concept and dig how much time you put into putting this whole thing together...I was seeing "them" blogging the last couple of days but I had no idea what was going on...yea for creativity!! $5


vinnylo, thats a character from some kids tv show. Idk what its called, but its extemely weird. But it was what I thought of when i saw these designs. But other than that resemblance, I love this! I love Gem, and all others except the purple one. Thankfully I wouldn't have to worry about getting the pink one.


Yeah! God that show is like an acid trip or something for kids.

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