Meet the aliens

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E_T_Design profile pic Artist

Hi everybody! This is my submission "Meet the alien" ... I've inspired by old sci-fi movie, hope you like it!

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

It took me a minute to realize that the silhouette was taking a picture. Maybe put a little more detail on him, or don't make him so dark, because he kind of looks like a alien shaped hole. I really like it other than that.


ohhh that's what that flashy thing is in front of the other alien...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh, i didn't understand why one of the aliens was WITH the astronauts saying hi to another alien...please make the other alien stand out more as taking a picture (perhaps with the spacemen being all goofy and the alien with them putting some rabbgit ears over a helemt or something- and you've got t-shirt gold, mister.


Had to read the above comments to understand what was going on!!!

It's really not obvious that the alien in the foreground is taking a picture...

Make that more obvious, and then (similar to comment above) - have the astronauts in a more comical photo pose.

Also, you could have some other aliens (making fun of the spacemen - rabbit eras etc), but in a special glow ink, so they can only be seen in certain lighting conditions...?


rabbit eras = rabbit ears!


i like this A LOT...just make it a bit more obvious that the one alien is taking a pic :)


i agree with everyone too. rabbit ears would be great.. clearer cameraman would be lovely. But the concept rocks!!

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