Medusa's Garden

Design by deep space monkey

Medusa's Garden by deep space monkey on Threadless
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she's only got one in her "garden"? she doesn't have much of a green thumb.

deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Artist

Alright, so it goes... if one is so unfortunate as to catch a gaze from Medusa they are turned to stone. This is a depiction of a holy man of sorts, a priest of the ancient gods, and as so many before him forever turned to stone. I didn't want the shirt covered with statues, I had an earlier version and ended up cutting it down to just one. It gets the idea across, and I find the single figure's expression incredibly more eerie and creepy.


agree with lesquelette.

Even still, I like the design


i like it with only one statue but i think thinner lines and finer detail for the staue

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