medication and psychotherapy

Design by slender fungus

medication and psychotherapy by slender fungus on Threadless
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It's creeping me out, but it's a nice design.
I would want it downsized a bit, though.


By the way, I don't like it on yellow. The zig-zags just remind me of Charlie Brown.


that's pretty incredible for ms paint.


MS paint..... good design, lets hope nobody gets jiggy with ironic pixilated designs. This is cool though, though I'm darned if I know whats going on in her hand.


yeah, if you minimize it i think it would look better....and will get rid of the pixilatedness.

slender fungus
slender fungus profile pic Artist

the orginal design had a lot more texture patterns, but in the MSpaint process they had to be changed to look normal on the shirt.

there is a tin can in her hand and from it a heart is falling. the only reason i drew a heart is cause we were playing with sheep hearts in anatomy that day. i like anatomy...


Cool. I can't tell what's going on, but that's half the charm I suppose. I LIKE it big like that.


wow, very nice. gives off the metaphor that she has music in her soul, or heart.


"pour my heart out"

i love it

5, my friend


oh yea!!!
i love her so much cause of how her wrist is sewn on...
reminds me of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (my fav movie).
i freakin love it.
i think i would like it even more if the illustration was green on a white shirt...


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