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super hot idea <3
i like the last two colors best also

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pretty cool, me likes


begitu got lima from me man....

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orkibal and spray: um... thanks... I think.
A lot of you are saying to reduce the size of the design. I made it that large so that the text would be legible on this site, if it gets printed we may have to reduce the size. That's another reason why I like the cream shirt with the green design, the box actually blends into the shirt and looks less obtrusive.


best threadless ad shirt I've seen on the site

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With regards to this being a suck-up to threadless and an attempt at a self promo, I assure you it wasn't intentional. I just couldn't think of anything more original to label the medicine packet. Nothing else seemed fitting if you know what I mean. I also do agree with the commonly held view that it is rather large and does look pointy and obtrusive, that is why I think the cream shirt looks best. Also, for anyone interested, here's the original design (postcard design) I submitted to the online arts festival all those years ago (circa 2000 I think)
The brief here was to include and promote the site Suppose I carried it along when redesigning this, only promoting threadless instead.

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On second thoughts, I think it looks better as a postcard. Also when comparing the 2 designs it's easy to see what a shocking redesign I've done. The box is more compact and a more clean design. Ah well.

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