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Big Ed

Shamble Thru----that's hilarious.


LOL Shamble Thru.



Not crazy about the way the building cuts off on the right, but the idea is amazing. If the design were more complete looking, I'd buy it for sure.

Harry Buddha Palm
Harry Buddha Palm profile pic Artist

Yeah, I think I should put another zombie on the right side or something. I don't know why I didn't, but if the design scores high enough, then I'll see if they'll let me fix it up a bit better. As for the zombies looking rushed, it's because I'm used to using 16 and a half million colors and I'm having a hard time only using 4. Thanks for the positive comments.

.onion profile pic Alumni

funny, lol. it shouldn't end so aprubtly on the right.


The graphic blockiness looks really harsh against the hand-drawn lines. But it's funny in concept. If it were all hand-drawn I would like it a lot more.


Great concept ! Some suggestions :

Using a yellow shirt would reflect another
one of McDonald's colors, and the bright
yellow would strengthen the already
sarcastic flavor of the design.

The building looks cut off. Maybe the
building could actually end there and
the rooftop and sidewalk be altered

Your concept is so funny and biting
( I'm a Burger King "zombie" myself )
that I really want to see this resubmitted
with improvements.

Harry Buddha Palm
Harry Buddha Palm profile pic Artist

I thought it would look stupid if I made the building so small, but it might look better than it does now. As I said earlier, if the shirt scores really high, then I'll add another zombie to it, which should help. I may try making the building short, also. I'm not going to bother unless it scores really high, though, so give it a 5 if you like it!


Do you think you really deserve 1000 dollars for this?

I don't. It's funny, but the art is terribly lacking and the execution needs an overhaul.

I give you a 2.

Harry Buddha Palm
Harry Buddha Palm profile pic Artist

That's a good idea, Melonpeel. I may do that.


damn. i've been a zombie for years.....but it tastes so good-

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