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Reverse salmon waterslide the bears set up for tricking the fishies and getting their food?!?!?!

head essplodes

Seriously, that is an intense concept, I don't know if i'd wear it but i like how it goes on the black tee.


coooooooooolllllll 5$ from me


maybe its just me being immature...

but the first thing I saw was a bear about to do something unholy to to the one getting a fish off the slide.

gertiinberlin profile pic Artist

since that wasnt my intension.... i guess you are... im sorry...


I thought the bear was carrying the fish up the hill to spit them down the slide.

When i realized through comments its about fish going up stream its nice but i still dont know if i'd wear it.....


Yeah, I thought it was being nice and letting the fishies live by going down the slide. I guess it's eating them though ... hm.


I like it on black. Inspiring.

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