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Wow. That's demented, though not necessary in a bad way.


ya the pose doses makes sense i don't see how you can think it otherwise

loglow profile pic Alumni

the tree branches look cut off on top

EZFL profile pic Alumni

im not saying that you suck as an artist, just that this design is crap.

lee klein

Why not hang the Burger King in effigy too ? or not a ?

lee klein

And The Donald as Ronald McDonald or Donald McDonald. People would rush in from the prarie to see that.

lee klein

I work as a double decker tour guide in NYC and the red buses against the taxi cabs make for a ketchup and mustard colored universe. So as a poet I am immediatley drawn to that color scheme also our bus terminal leftover form a previous firm also is in these hues. I like the way you took a tree which might be seen in sort of negative space say in ad copy or a Brian Ferry album cover and made it blood red. That works. But the image is too small on the shirt.


Seeing a lot of fast food characters lately... it's a better trend than the ever-popular guns and knives, and the lately-omnipresent phrase "love and death" but it doesn't appeal to me.


Wow, I need this!

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