Maze of Despair

Design by ryeofcali

Maze of Despair by ryeofcali on Threadless
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nice job.


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but then it would be called the "wall of optimism",

my idea is that there are all these terrible things in the world (natural disasters, human caused disasters, attitudes) that keep people down and trapped (symbolized by those "bad walls". Organizations, and/or people with the same values as the red cross help people caught in these disasters/bad things escape from them.


I think that this is really cool...I think that I might have liked it better if the bulldozer were made of those words rather than making it a trail of exhaust, but I understand that it would bave been really small then. Just my own preference.


surely the winner.


wow. i love this! personally this is one of my favorite red cross subs yet. 5$

Ava Adore

nicely done

Big Ed

Really good job on the circle of words.

ryeofcali profile pic Artist

for stuka-yeah, it sounded weird to me too, but 'tis a word...


Lacking resources or the means of subsistence; completely impoverished. Synonym = poor.


I generally don't think of bulldozers as symbols of hope. To me, bulldozer = soulless subdivision.


Awesome. It is definitely one of my favs for this contest. $5!


another text based masterpiece.
very well done.

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