Maybe I'll Just Rent The Movie...

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Maybe I'll Just Rent The Movie... by southworth on Threadless
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It's supposed to be Cliffs Notes (altered to avoid copyright infringement). The idea is that the Neverending Story is NEVERENDING, so therefore even the Cliffs Notes would be incredibly long.


haha i dig.

southworth profile pic Artist

Yeah, I know the book isn't that long, but the joke is based on the title. A book called "The Neverending Story" would sound pretty daunting to a student who'd never seen it, and would likely send them hunting for the Cliffs Notes.

And I used black and yellow because those are the recognizable colors of Cliffs Notes.


Bahaha. Gold. 5

The Ending

I count 5. THe colour of the shirt doesnt count


i like it. I'm disturbed that people didn't understand it right away... it should not need explained. nice job. 4

southworth profile pic Artist

I'd buy it! $5


I love it. Great concept. $5.

southworth profile pic Artist

You can write anything you want about illiterate people, because you know they'll never read it.

Screw you, Illiterati!


funny idea, but i think it would go better as a vanishin point kinda of book that goes back for eternity instead of a volume set.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

funny but I wouldnt wear it like quite a few of your other designs...just doesnt feel like shirt material to me


Haha, great idea.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great visual joke...just add some texture behind the image (like some wood grain or something like it is sitting on a desk) and i would definitely consider picking this one up. Atreyu's the shit...not the band tho, which is plainly just shit.

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